Caution must be taken at every stage when involving yourself, friends or family with “Common Law”

There are a number of so-called “Common Law Courts” making statements that by Registering with them will give you some sort of special immunity.

  • Register your Car – with them
  • Register your Birth – with them
  • Register you Marrage – with them
  • Register you Business – with them

A few questions you may want to ask yourself and those who claim to offer you this special immunity.

Who exactly are these people or the so-called Common Law Court ?

  • What is their business address and post code
  • What is their phone number
  • When you register your Car with them, what happens to the car details you have registored with the DVLA ?
  • When you register your Birth with them, what happens to the registration details held by the Registrar General ?
  • When you register your Marrage, what happens to your origonal registration?
  • When you register your business with this “Common Law Court” what happens to your compamy on Companies House ?

Proceed with great Caution

When you register something it generally means you give control of it away to that person or entity it is registered with – Check Here

1 – Who Owns that Register?

2 – Where is the information stored?

3 – Who has access to that information?

4 – What can they do with my Infomation now it is registered with them?

The internet is full of Remedy Gurus, offering you quick fixes nowadays.

You really need to do your due diligence before committing yourself and your property to so of these snake oil salesmen.

Not all are bad for sure, and some really do mean well and have good intentions, but are factually incorrect on many points and have no factual evidence of what they are claiming actually works in the Real World!